Core Conversations

Many answers and solutions to life can be found through questions.

In our busy days, many of us struggle to find enough time away from the distractions to sit quietly and ask ourselves the key questions needed to help us move forward.

Coaching is a fast-growing industry born from this need for us to devote a couple of hours to our self to honour ourselves and dig deep to find answers you may feel are missing in your present life.

Through conversation we find connectedness and through compassion and nurturing you find clarity and direction.

We all have a limited time here on earth, are you living the shining bright life you are destined for?

Remember that you are powerful beyond measure and you are here to shine your light and as you do you’re unconsciously giving others permission to do the same,
~ adapted from Miriam Williamson’s poem

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Coaching with Jennie was not only empowering and inspiring it was also great fun!
This lady goes above and beyond to get the results from you, for you!
Do it!Janette O'Brien (Magenta Mau)