About me

I’m Jennie Hunt, an Aquarian mind with Cancerian heart.


I’m proud of my weirdness.

I’m an ambivert, able to be extroverted when needed and loving to retreat and recharge like an introvert at other times.


I grew up in England and am so grateful to my parents for making one of the hardest decisions of their life, to emigrate with 3 young children to Australia. The time leading up to us emigrating I remember my parents went to see a psychic, who confirmed we would me moving to a new land. It was also one of the first times I remember them having an in-depth conversation about their future. This embedded in me the love of having deep meaningful and open conversations.


I’m lucky enough today to be married to my husband who shares the same love for those deep conversations, where many things can be discovered, and impossible things achieved.


I proposed to my husband, on February 29th, the day women can traditionally ask. We’ve been married twice, once on the side of a mountain in the Himalaya’s by a Buddhist/Hindu monk while on a hiking expedition through the Annapurna’s and then back in Australia among family & friends.


Between us we have 4 daughters (2 each from previous relationships). Not so weird you might say, but our eldest daughters were born 1 year and 1 day apart, and our youngest daughters were born 1 year and 1 week apart. I have my theories about this and other synchronicities I share with my husband. Let’s just say that there is always something larger at play and there are no coincidences.


As a child I was always aware that I was never alone. I felt my angles, guides around me all the time. I could see auras and Astro travelled. It was a gift I would shut off in public for many years. In my 20’s I found a beautiful lady who was teaching mediumship and was able to explain everything I had been experiencing. I learnt so much but still kept what I knew to a select few people around me.


Mediumship and metaphysical learning were to again take a back step while I focused on the lessons of raising children.

In more recent years since our children are older, I’ve heeded the calling to get back into the mediumship circles and explore more.

I’ve attended retreats, courses and done much training with well-known psychic’s mediums in Australia and the UK.


This journey has steered me to study numerous modalities some of which are Life Coaching, Reiki Master, Meditation, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Tarot, Psychometry, and many more I’m currently studying.


I am ever evolving as are the packages and sessions I offer. Make sure you check back regularly or subscribe here to keep in touch with what’s new and evolving.


I look forward to meeting you on your journey.